"Providing care when you're not there"

Angela - Morgan Family Pet Services, Ellicott City, Maryland 21042


  • Main contact for Ellicott City and Columbia
  • Hard working, dedicated and loving to all animals  

"Since the age of 7, I have grown up with both cats and dogs. As I became older, having to take care of them on a daily basis, they have given me much joy and an insurmountable appreciation and respect for their life." 


  • Lover of the natural world and domestic pets

"I've grown up with animals, starting with a Weimaraner and ranging from turtles, hamsters, cats, rabbits, snakes, lizards and salamanders. I've handled them all and love to care for them, professionally and personally!" 


  • Helps manage the family business
  • Devoted to the well being and health of animals through daily exercise and proper diet

"There isn't a day I would miss that gives me the opportunity to walk a dog. It's something I love to do and have been doing so for the last 14 years."


  • Handles family business structure
  • Webmaster and main contact for internet communication
  • Loves to stay active with animals: playing games, walking, jogging and being outside

"All through my childhood, teen years, and to this day, I have helped take care of pets for friends, family and as a business." 

Max - Morgan Family Pet Services, Ellicott City, Maryland 21042


Loving and loyal companion to our family! 

  • Loves to go on walks
  • Very calm and easy going
  • 12 years old but a puppy at heart
  • Scared of thunderstorms

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