We visit your pet in the comfort of your home. With all visits, the following is included free of charge:

  • We will bring in mail and newspapers, water plants, alternate home lights, adjust blinds and take care of both trash and recyclables. Other services can be arranged according to your concerns.
  • So that you never have to worry about your pet while away, we will notify you via email or phone about their day!


  • Up to three visits per day. (30 minutes each visit)
  • A daily walk, typically 10-15 minutes.
  • Feeding and fresh clean water always available.
  • Daily grooming, playing and lots of attention.


  • One or more visits per day.
  • Ensure they have plenty of food and fresh water.
  • Clean litter box.
  • Play time with their toys.

All other animals

  • Depending on your pet, we can arrange a specific program that suits any needs or concerns!

$25 per visit  |  Each additional dog: $3
All other pets: $2

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